Today we need to talk about some common-sense solutions to stop school shootings.

The blood hadn’t even dried yet … and legislators like Chris Murphy and Dick Blumenthal were already preaching their anti-gun message.  But the blood of these children is directly on the hands of these “lawmakers.”

Why, you ask?  Because they look at tragedy as a way to get re-elected.  They COULD have done something … but instead they worked on feel-good legislation that was dead on arrival simply because they knew it would rally their base.

Let me teach you how to save lives.

We have millions of veterans here in America.  Hire them, train them, arm them, and put them in every single school.  Provide funding to take retired law enforcement and vets and have them stand in these “gun free zones.”  These are hardened warriors who said goodbye to the OWN FAMILIES to serve our country.  I promise you they will die before they let anything happen to our children.

President Trump:  I will personally volunteer to head up a task force consisting of combat-veterans-turned-entrepreneurs to come up with solutions to save lives.  I will bring together the best and brightest operators who specialize in security … and have built successful companies, demonstrating that they have a strong understanding of fiscal limitations and responsibilities.  We will create recommendations that include common-sense and affordable solutions to put veterans and law enforcement officers to work protecting our children and will break down how it will be paid for.

Among what we’d explore:

How do we as Americans report something in the digital age?  When you see a direct threat online, but it’s not in your community, who do you tell? We hear “if you see something, say something,” right?  But think about that.  I’m the national spokesperson for Law Enforcement Today, one of the largest groups of law enforcement officers and supporters in the world, and even I don’t know who the hell to call.  But hey … let’s focus on 11 vs. 10 rounds in a magazine, right?

Of course, there’s the immediate pushback from the Left of “guns and violence don’t stop violence.”  Um … yes they do.  That’s why we are back-to-back World War champions. Want to know what stops a bad guy with a gun from shooting innocent kids?  A bullet to the head delivered by a patriot.

But of course these “lawmakers” are more focused on allowing illegal-alien criminals and MS13 gang members to roam our streets and our schools … and more focused on getting “art” grants for teachers whose unions will vote for them… than they are about stopping school shootings.  This isn’t about your re-election campaign, jackasses.  It’s about saving the lives of innocent children.  Your policies are resulting in MORE deaths.

And people — “arming every teacher” is NOT the right move either.  Do you really want a gender studies professor who is triggered by the sight of a police officer to be armed?  Do you really think that BO-and patchouli-scented snowflake is going to regularly train or prepare to safely store and use that firearm?  Of course not.  Part of the solution does, however, include allowing teachers who WANT to be armed to meet certain training requirements and then allowing them to carry.

We aren’t worried about spending money to battle the mental health crisis that’s causing this problem.  We are focusing on creating a society of kids suffering from depression and anxiety … doping then up to make pharmaceutical companies gobs of money … and then feigning disbelief when some of these kids snap.

We aren’t running active shooter training drills in schools. For goodness sake, we are still running basic fire drills!  When the heck was the last time an entire school burned down because a kid tossed a cigarette in a bathroom trash can?  Schools are built to stronger safety codes than ever before.  That school isn’t going to go up … unless an arsonist sets off fires and a bomb during their shooting spree … which we have NOT trained students and teachers to react to.

The solution isn’t to ban guns or any type of guns.  We banned murder … bad guys didn’t listen to that.  We created gun-free zones … bad guys didn’t listen to that.  Someone this emotionally disturbed WILL kill. If it’s not a gun, it’s a pressure cooker bomb.  If it’s not that, it’s a car.  If it’s not that, it’s a flamethrower. The tool isn’t the problem … the person is.

When I was growing up, in schools and at home we were taught respect.  We were taught to stand for the flag.  Respect our elders.  Yes sir, no ma’am.  Thank you and you’re welcome.

We didn’t launch programs to ban bullying and stop scary mean words. We taught kids coping mechanisms.  We taught them self-confidence and how to stand up to bullies and how to fight back.  Bullying won’t go away.  The difference now is that when it gets bad, kids just flat out snap and explode like a balloon that’s been overinflated.

This is no longer a left-vs.-right, Republicans-vs.-Democrats issue.  Because guess what, lawmakers? You’ve ALL failed.  It’s time for patriotic Americans to rise … develop a plan … and declare enough is enough when it comes to innocent children being killed.


Kyle S. Reyes is the Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing, co-host of The Whiskey Patriots and the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. Reyes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on patriotism and leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing by storytelling. You can follow him on Facebook.

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