He served our country in the US Army.  And now our country is coming after him for a ludicrous law made by liberals.

41-year-old Simeon D. Mokhiber was arrested in April – allegedly for speeding and a DUI.  Turns out he hadn’t been drinking…so he was acquitted of that charge.  But here’s the real problem.

Inside his vehicle – inside a locked gun box – were three gun magazines that are capable of firing more than 10 rounds.


The fact that there wasn’t even a gun in the car didn’t matter.  He’s now facing 21 years in prison after his conviction of violating New York’s SAFE act.  Each magazine is punishable by 7 years in prison.

Mohkiber was a Staff Sergeant.  He served 9 years in the US Army, involved in Iraq in 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He then became a US contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan and was licensed as an armed New York Security Guard after his release.  He’s also an EMT-B.  Oh, and he has no prior criminal record.  But he’s now a convicted felon.

In New York, you can’t have a magazine that carries more than 7 rounds (previously purchased magazines that hold 10 rounds are grandfathered as long as only 7 rounds were loaded in them).

Of course liberals don’t understand that you can change out a magazine in two seconds.  They’re too busy granting “sanctuary” to illegal immigrants while attacking our veterans and convicting our police of bogus crimes in the court of public opinion.

Brothers and sisters…if this doesn’t outrage you, you’d better check to see if you still have a heartbeat.  Any true Patriot should be ripping mad…and heartbroken.

In two months, Mokhiber will be sentenced.  This man needs our help.  Share this article far and wide and let’s start demanding that New York and other states focus on going after illegal immigrants…NOT our veterans.