You probably heard in the media that ANTIFA called police departments “terrorist organizations” last week.

But here’s what the mainstream media isn’t telling you about Antifa in Boston and the PD this past weekend.

City leaders were worried the police would look too big and scary.  So they had to give up protection.

I’ve had a number of friends who are in BPD pass this along.

And today, the same information is being shared by investigative reporter Michele McPhee:



Multiple Boston police officers were injured in Saturday’s protests but were told they could not wear helmets, high ranking BPD sources said. 

“Officers were endangered and injured,” said one BPD official not authorized to speak on the record. “The city was very concerned about appearances and did not want our officers to look militarized.” 

Among the items hurled at cops, the sources said, were “water bottles filled with urine, bottles, rocks, deep sea fishing weights, lug nuts, bolts with screws attached, ” and even “glitter.” 

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans told reporters 33 people were arrested after the Boston Free Speech rally where members of Antifa marched and chanted, many with masks or bandanas.


You’ve got to be kidding me.

Instead of city leaders protecting THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO PROTECT THE CITY, they are worried about triggering these spoiled little anti-American criminals.

Apparently their parents didn’t discipline them.  So it’s time for our judicial system to do it.

The SECOND that one of these criminals tosses as much as a piece of gum at the police … we should be tossing the book at THEM.

They should be charged with every single violation we can find.  All of them.  Even those old Blue Laws from the 1600s that nobody realizes are still on the books.  And we should make sure that our judicial system shows ZERO leniency in court.

I reached out to a handful of police buddies.  Here are some recommended charges to get the party started:


·       Assault of police service animal
·       Assault on a Peace Officer
·       Assault on LEO
·       Assault on LEO inflicting serious injury
·       Assault with deadly weapon
·       Battery on a Peace Officer
·       Battery on Peace Officer with deadly weapon
·       Battery on Peace Officer with substantial bodily harm
·       Communication of threats
·       Criminal Mischief
·       Demonstration while masked/hooded
·       Disorderly conduct
·       Failure to disperse
·       Felony assault
·       Felony battery
·       Going armed to the terror of the populace
·       Impeding Traffic
·       Jaywalking
·       Littering
·       Malicious damage of personal property
·       Malicious throwing of bodily fluids
·       Malicious use of incendiary
·       Misdemanor Affray
·       MisdemeanorAssault
·       Misdemeanor Battery
·       Possession of weapon at parade/demonstration
·       Resist / Obstruct / Delay
·       Riot
·       Rioting
·       Unlawful assembly
·       Violation of Organized Crime statutes
·       Walking on roadway where sidewalk is provided
·       Wearing mask/hood on public property
·       Wearing of mask/hood on public roadway
·       Willful damage to real property
·       Willful impedance of traffic


It’s time for police departments to start putting the pressure on politicians to allow them to return law and order to the streets by any means necessary.