Yes, I personally wrote this headline.

And yes, I mean it.  I believe it’s time we eliminate all of these “educators” who are proudly anti-Trump.

Every.  Last.  One.

No severance.  No warning.  Just termination.

If it were up to me, they also wouldn’t qualify for unemployment.

Why?  Because they are losers.  And they are doing a huge disservice to our children and our country.

Allow me to explain for those of you triggered little snowflakes desperately clawing your way to the nearest safe space right now.  That way, when you take to the streets to protest this article at least you have all of your facts straight.  Not that you care about facts, of course.

On a daily basis, I’m seeing teachers take to Facebook announcing that they aren’t going to teach their students about President Trump.  That instead, they’re going to focus on civics and why it’s important to protest.

These same teachers say they don’t recognize Trump as our President, and so they refuse to allow students to read materials about his historic inauguration.

The second you decided to indoctrinate your students with your personal agenda…you gave up your ability to do your job.  You have failed.  And you should be removed from your job.

Oh, you have “tenure”?  I don’t care.  You are a cancer in our colleges and universities.

Somewhere along the line, many teachers stopped teaching and started preaching.  Many decided showing their students how to think was no longer important.  It became acceptable to teach students WHAT to think.

You want to know why so many students can’t find jobs after graduating?  Because lousy “educators” didn’t mention that in the real world, nobody cares about your feelings.

Because these same “educators” are desperately trying to remain relevant in the only way they know how…poisoning the minds of our youth.  The culmination of their career as an educator has come down to being whining, petulant little children.

And it’s time we clean them out of our education system…as quickly as possible.

It sure would be nice to have teachers and professors setting up students to actually be successful in the real world…. not to stomp their feet in hopes that someone will pay attention to them.

But hey…what do I know?  I’m only a guy who actually hires people for a living.