Chick-Fil-A hates gays.

HATES them.

At least that’s what so many on social media would have you believe.


The Christian owners have found themselves under attack time and time again in the mainstream media — and on social media — because of their beliefs. It seems they are constantly in the headlines.

nd yet after their move in Florida this weekend, it seems as if nobody is talking about them.

So I will.

After the Orlando nightclub shooting, the Chick-Fil-A Orlando location at University and Rouse Road opened on Sunday. And as any good Chick fan knows, this is a chain that NEVER opens on the Sabbath.

Employees cooked up hundreds of meals — and donated all of the food to the One Blood donation center for all of the people lined up to donate blood.

Another location is giving out coupons for free frosted lemonade to anyone who donates blood when the One Blood mobile unit is on location this week.

The company made a very simple statement.

“God Bless The USA. Home is where the (heart) is. Orlando is our home. #prayforOrlando”

As a business owner, I applaud Chick-Fil-A — not for their donation, but for doing so quietly simply in service of others.

As a Christian, I am grateful that there are so many people who are coming together to share messages of love and support.

As an American, I’m damn proud that we can cast our differences aside and join forces to do the right thing.

And as someone who is sick and tired of hearing nothing but negative press about Christians and the companies they own, I’m asking you to give this a share.

Let’s keep the positive news and the stories of hope going, shall we?

God bless America.