“Hate crime.”  It’s perhaps one of the larger hypocrisies of the Left here in America.  And it’s time we eliminate the laws surrounding them … because it’s dividing our country.

Let me break it down for you.

The term “hate crime” is largely agreed upon as being “a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.”  And in the United States, hate crime laws are those that further punish crimes based on the thought behind them.

If someone rapes a woman, he is charged with sexual assault.

But if someone rapes a gay man, he is charged with sexual assault AND a hate crime.

In doing so, we have essentially said that gay men are a protected class and women are not.  Is that not sexist at its very core?  Is the life of a gay man more valuable than the life of a woman?  Of course not. The two lives are equal.  So why create laws that say one life is more important than another?


If a Muslim man beats a Christian man, he’s charged with assault.

If a Christian man beats a Muslim man, he’s charged with assault AND a hate crime.

Is that not a conflict of the separation of church and state?  Are we not saying we value one faith more than another?  That one is more worthy of being protected than another?

Murder, for example, is rooted in hate.  Does the reason WHY you hate someone make it more or less of a crime?  Let’s say a woman murders someone because he sexually assaulted her child … isn’t that murder committed with hate?  If we can agree on that premise, than isn’t it a “hate crime“?

Designating something as a “hate crime” is a totalitarian move that should be ruled a violation of freedom of thought and speech. It’s based on the liberal stupidity that when it comes to particular groups, certain rights may be suspended as liberals see fit.  In doing so, you give an advantage to one group over another at the EXPENSE of other people based entirely on ethnicity, race, religion, sexuality, or other factors.

We need to punish the crime, not the thought.  Doesn’t the federal Constitution guarantee “equal protection under the law”? If we are going to follow the rule of law, then we need to stop discriminating against some Americans to create an entitled mentality and special rights and privileges for other Americans.

But of course suggesting we apply common sense and Constitutional guidance to our legal system makes you a racist, sexist, Islamaphobic, homophobic bigot … so shame on me for even suggesting it.